A High 5
Saves Lives.
Five simple steps
so we stay safe
during COVID-19.

Get a #High5TogetherApart

Create art that shows you support staying safe by staying home, social distancing, and wearing your mask.

Share on all your social media channels too.

Together, we will get through this.


Build community.

Let's STOP the SPREAD of COVID-19.

Wear your mask. Limit travel. Keep your social distance.

Check on your neighbors. Enjoy the small things that mean the most.

Remember, we're in this together.

Know more. Do more.

Connect and share. Stay informed. Take care of yourself.

Share your selfie. Practice social distancing.

High Five Your Friends.
And the world.

Leave a message of support to others who feel isolated, alone, and hopeless.

Who have experienced loss of a job or loved one. We're all here for each other. A global community.

Are you ready?
Take a Selfie!

Upload your selfie. Follow the prompts.

Create your personalized art showing support by staying safe, staying home, social distancing, and wearing your mask.

Now go ahead and post on all your channels.

BROWSE + SELECT your masked selfie via computer or smart phone
UPLOAD PHOTO within the circle area
ADJUST + CUSTOMIZE place/size within circle
Add your town/country to #hashtag
DOWNLOAD + SHARE keep your new pic and consider sharing on our All of Us gallery